Contemporary Fine Art Photography

Enhance your room’s decor with fine art photographs by Martin Trailer! If you are looking for a work of art with a vintage feel for your home or office, you have come to the right place. Trailer’s photographs are in a world of their own. They are enhanced using old development processes to give them a unique texture and tone. To those looking for something truly unique for their living spaces, Trailer’s contemporary fine art photographs can seem like a breath of fresh air!

Best Contemporary Fine Art Photographers

Martin Trailer’s name figures among the best contemporary fine art photographers in San Diego, California and his works have been displayed in prestigious shows and exhibitions. His signed limited editions are extremely popular and are vyed for by people who seek the best of both worlds for their living spaces - contemporary finishes and an old-world charm. Trailer deals in extremely versatile subjects which come alive in the photographs because of the creative use of negative spaces.

Add a splash of bright colors to your bare walls with Trailer’s “Egg Beater.” Or, relive your childhood memories by bringing home his “Green Handle Kitchen Tools.” You have a lot of options before you! Trailer’s works have carved a space for themselves for being truly different. These visually striking contemporary photographs in San Diego can infuse new life into your living spaces, enhancing their livability and aesthetics. Just bring in a single work of art or multiple frames, depending on your tastes and preferences.


Last sentence I think reads better; Just by bringing in a single work of art or multiple framed pieces, depending on you tastes and preferences.

Whether you want something minimalistic for your space or a piece that adds just the right hints of colors, check out Martin Trailer’s collection because you are sure to find something that you’ll fall in love with! Make your space stand out with a one-in-a-million, limited edition piece of art today!

Contemporary Photographs For Sale

Love long walks on the beach? Or are you someone who really appreciates the holiest of white wines - the Montrachet? Trailer specializes in clicking photographing contemporary photographs highlighting these subjects but giving a vintage feel to them. Some of his artworks also feature famous bridges in London, San Francisco, Boston, and San Diego, which can add immense depth and sublimity to your spaces. His artworks are perfect for homes, offices, restaurants, quirky cafes, and more. Trailer takes extra care to print every image in-house and every artwork of his is prepped, framed, and ready to be displayed.

As a contemporary photographer in San Diego, he walks the extra mile to ensure that his artworks last long. From using 100% cotton paper, to custom walnut frames, he also offers special matting options. Frame styles and sizes can be customized as per your liking.

Bring in timeless pieces of vibrant art to your home today. Trailer’s works serve as the perfect ice breakers at parties and keep your guests entertained. You will also have something stunning to look at when you are back home from work! Call 858-549-8881 visit the website for more details about Trailer’s artworks and to stay updated on his latest shows.