The Creation of Vintage Sensibility in Art

Art has mostly to do with emotion. Many critics feel that the mark of any true art is the ability to inspire a reaction from its beholders. This concept is the cornerstone behind modern art. Even though it does not follow the exact rules of traditional art that have been in practice for centuries, contemporary art makes room for further development of its meaning by leaving it open to human interaction and interpretation.

But interpretation is never greater than the beholder. As humans, we are hard-wired to seek out patterns in everything around us that are already familiar to us. This familiarity feeds are nostalgic impulses and give us the feeling of connection to the objects around us, such as art.

How Nostalgia Has Fed New Art

The popularity of vintage prints and collectibles is fed by our desire for nostalgia. As adults, we travel to the furthest parts of the world to explore new cultures, work in different conditions, or to even build homes there.

No matter the age, we all long for the safety and comfort of childhood. Often, we satisfy this longing by surrounding ourselves in the present with objects that can replicate or at least remind us of those feelings. This can be achieved through various types of art, as it has the capability of manipulating the atmosphere and elevating any room.

A vintage aesthetic in art, clothing, and music reflects a decided turn toward creativity. A lot of creatively inclined people use objects from the past to create a unique aesthetic that sometimes even translates into personality. These vintage objects and aesthetics surround themselves in an atmosphere of nostalgia and remembrance.

Martin Trailer and Vintage Object Photography

Martin Trailer is a photographer that indulges this desire for nostalgia and uses vintage look photography to express his artistic sensibilities. He photographs traditional cooking objects such as hand eggbeaters, spiral whisks, apple peelers, choppers, can openers, etc, that have lost their practical use with time but still remain a part of our collective memory. Through his fine art photography, Martin Trailer invokes the feeling of a simpler time gone by when we would congregate in the kitchen and request the elders to try our hand at using these tools.

On the Martin Trailer Fine Art Photography website, you can find vintage wooden handle kitchen utensils and photographs of all manner of vintage household objects that you can purchase and hang around the different areas of your house to create an atmosphere of nostalgia and remembrance.

If you are one of the vintage vacuum cleaner collectors in San Diego, you should check out the photographs that Martin Trailer has curated. You can find limited edition fine art pigmented prints of vacuum cleaners dating back to the 1910s, 1950s, and 1960s.

When making a purchase from the Martin Trailer Fine Art Photography website, you even get the option of requesting custom proportion sizes as well as a variety of framing options to choose from.