Most-Loved Red Handle Kitchen Tools

How many times have you gone through the tool drawers in your kitchen only to find that some tools are missing, or that they’re so worn down and rusted that they can’t be used? Maybe your children or grandchildren have used them and ruined them, or maybe you’ve had the same set of vintage red handle kitchen tools since you got married. Whatever the case may be, it’s always nice to add some new items to your kitchen, especially if they’re as useful as our most-loved red handle kitchen tools! These are all great additions to any kitchen!

Most-Loved Red Handle Kitchen Tools

A Slotted Spoon

The slotted spoon has many uses, including removing pasta from boiling water. For even better performance, make sure you choose a forged stainless-steel spoon with a red handle and slotted head (instead of round). This piece of kitchenware is not only gorgeous to look at; it’s also built for years of use. A slotted spoon can stir sauces or keep items warm before serving.

A Wooden Spoon

If you’re lucky enough to be given one of these as a wedding gift, don’t let it sit in your utensil drawer. Many vintage red handle kitchen tools are quite pricey and in high demand. These are not spoons that can sit neglected on a shelf. Take good care of them and they’ll last for years. If there isn’t an old wooden spoon from Grandma knocking around, pick up one on Etsy—the variety is just incredible!

An Ice Cream Scoop

When people hear red handle kitchen tools, I bet many of them think of an ice cream scoop. What is it about red kitchen tools that makes them so appealing? Maybe it’s just fun to picture a kitchen that resembles a snow cone. Whatever be your reasoning behind wanting these red handle kitchen tools in your home, we’ve found a few you might love even more than ice cream.

A Large Mixing Bowl

A mixing bowl is a staple in every kitchen. There are times, however, when it’s useful to have more than one mixing bowl (if you bake a lot, for example). Consider buying vintage red handle kitchen tools that come in larger sizes. As with any vintage purchase, there’s always a risk of problems with durability and function over time—but there are also good deals to be had on solid pieces. Buying them new can also get expensive; used options can be far less costly.

An Oven Mitt

Vintage red handle kitchen tools are more than just attractive kitchen accessories; they’re also incredibly functional and practical. The beauty of a vintage red handle kitchen tool is that it can typically be used by hand or with an oven mitt to protect you from even higher temperatures. In other words, a vintage red handle kitchen tool combined with an oven mitt will help you grab hot things safely as well as clean up your messes!

Tongs (Because, sometimes you can’t find a good set of grill tongs!)

Sure, tongs aren’t a glamorous addition to your kitchen gadget arsenal. They can get a little awkward at times and take up valuable drawer space. But tongs are one of those tools that are so vital to grilling success that we can’t help but include them in our roundup of our favorite grill tools. The thing, however, is that there’s more than one kind of tong, so make sure you pick one that best suits your needs.

A Cookie Sheet

Nobody likes a soggy cookie. A good one, however, is hard to resist. That’s why we love our collection of vintage red handle kitchen tools—they help us make great cookies with minimal effort! And that includes a cookie sheet. That is why it has made it to our list of popular pieces for you to try on your way to becoming a red handle kitchen expert. Enjoy!

A Vegetable Peeler

The OG kitchen tool. It doesn’t get any more vintage than a peeler with a red handle (vintage red handle kitchen tool), and it might be one of your most loved red handle kitchen tools in your collection. You use it every day to peel potatoes and carrots, or slice cheese.

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