Antique Vintage Sewing Tools: An Art Forgotten

Yesterday, while going through some old articles, more like old clothes, before our parents’ time making us realize, the antiquity it represents. The quality was unlike what we get today; they were handmade and had a different feel. Not surprisingly, you usually find many patchworks done in them. The patchworks were different yet melded with the clothes.

This certainly made us realize that sewing and patchwork in themselves were art, and so were the antique vintage sewing tools used to make them. Since clothes were not mass-produced in those days, repairing slightly damaged clothes was the norm. Ask any elder in your family; they will tell the same, so the tale of these tools begins.

So, How Were the Clothes Repaired in Those Days?

We did mention sewing as an art, didn’t we? As with painting, the artist also requires special tools to achieve their full potential. The antique vintage sewing tools, what they would be called today, involved in sewing and patchworking, consisted of a sewing machine, an item becoming rarer by the day. Complementing the sewing machine, there used to be spools on which threads used to be wrapped for use, and bobbins, which were spooled with thread to use with the machines.

Today, even finding these antiquities is like finding a needle in a haystack. Recognizing the need to preserve these beautiful antique vintage sewing tools, Martin Trailer Fine Art Photography has come up with its antique vintage sewing tools photography collection to commemorate them in history.

Also, did you know how different even the basic sewing units, a.k.a; the needles and scissors, were? Read on to learn more.

Were Needles and Scissors the Same as Those Used Today?

As many already know, the most crucial part of sewing was and still is “the needle.” Not the stainless-steel ones available commercially today, those needles were crafted by hand with exquisite finesse and made with ivory and bone. These antique vintage sewing tools also involved the scissors used in cutting the thread as well as the darner knob that adorned the sewing machine to switch between the various stitching styles. Mind you; those scissors were specially made for thread, not paper. Notable, isn’t it?

Also, Did You Know?

Surprisingly, even socks and handkerchiefs could indeed “not” be changed but repaired! All you needed was your set of antique vintage sewing tools like the bobbins or a spool of linen, a darning stitch, a sewing tool called the darner, and some needlework experience! So as you know, a darner was a simple tool consisting of a handle and a round knob to hold the socks in proper shape by inserting the darner in the heel region and holding it taut.

The Bottom Line

These antique vintage sewing tools are a part of our legacy. Being forgotten, thanks to modern-day machine-stitched clothes, it needs to be conserved more ferociously. Martin Trailer Fine Art Photography’s latest antique vintage sewing tools collection helps you forward your culture with its art. So, whether you are looking for a holiday gift for a family member or friend, here you will find what you need.

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