A Guide To Curating Your Own Vintage Art Collection

It can be an intimidating thought–starting your own art collection. Where do I even start, right? But really, all you need to know is that you want to. And if you are here, you already do know that. In fact, you know more than you think–since you know the theme for your art collection, too. Vintage art is one of the best choices you could have made. It adds character, history and personality to your space. Here is a guide to curating an art collection of vintage pieces to give your interior decoration a nice touch.

Start With Some Planning

First of all, don’t dive into it without a little planning. You do not want to end up with expensive pieces that don’t fit your style or color scheme, or something you just don’t have enough space on your wall for.

Be mindful of the underlying theme: Setting a theme first will make your art wall look put together. It can be anything you want: portraits, still life, cityscapes, nature photography, kitchen tools, or one of each in monochrome. Play with the idea for a bit, see what suits you and your home.

The right location: You will not be able to do justice to an art piece without some idea of where you want it. The wall you choose should have proper lighting, enough space, a somewhat muted color tone, and ideally nothing that distracts the viewer’s attention from it. Once you have chosen your wall, have a vision in your mind of what you want the end result to look like.

Composition of the pieces: You can have artworks of different sizes arranged on your wall that complement each other. Hang the centerpiece on eye level, and your other vintage pieces around it. The best way to do it is: test out the arrangement on the floor or a large table, take a picture of the positioning that looks best, and then hang them up.

Go For A Fine Art Photography Collection

Fine art photography is turning many heads these days. The reason is obvious: it is a great blend of technology with art, and aesthetics meet with accuracy through it. The artist’s point of view is captured uniquely in this medium, and it still remains accessible and relatable to most of us. Take Martin Trailer vintage egg beater hand drill fine art photography piece for instance. It is vintage artwork that induces a feeling of nostalgia and comfort in us. Most of us can think back to the time these were a common sight in the kitchen. The mementos of childhood swept away by time could adorn your walls in the form of vintage art.

Plus, fine art photography is available more easily and is quite beginner-friendly. A number of websites offer collectible and presentable art, and every once in a while, you will stumble upon an independent artist who will make you a fan of their work. Prints of photography have opened up new avenues for people who are interested in art, but would rather not call themselves connoisseurs.

To take a look at some of these vintage fine art photography pieces, head over to our website and start your collection with the ones that catch your eye.