5 Easy Ways to Make Fine Arts Photos Look Vintage

Vintage photography is a very popular choice among beginners. The whole outlook of elements in this kind of photography gives a subtle yet fine vibe of class and aesthetics. If you are also practicing mastering vintage look photography, then here are a few easy ways to get the task done. Use them and see the best results since some of them are suggested by professionals:

  1. Vintage Composition

    One of the easiest ways, apart from using Black & White mode, to get a vintage look photograph done is by playing with composition. The arrangement of the items in the frame, as per the theme of the photograph, is referred to as composition. Thus, playing along with classic items and arranging them accordingly will give off a vintage vibe. Decorative pieces of metal, old pendulum watches, and so on are included. Check some of the old vintage photographs to get the right feel for a fitting composition.

  2. Camera Settings

    In present times, cameras and lenses are very advanced, giving good apertures for doing gorgeous photography. But, to accomplish the feel of vintage look photography, you should take a reroute back to the old days. Check out the films being used and the features that the cameras lack during those times. By playing with similar settings, you can get a vintage photograph embedded in your collection. The contrast, resolution, aperture, etc., were very different, so research and plan accordingly.

    Along with this, by changing the depth of feel of your image, you can give your photograph a vintage look.

  3. Bit Blurred

    No, we are not talking about blurring the background to focus on the object of the image. That will play the exact opposite of vintage-look photography. Since the cameras of a few decades ago were not capable of taking sharp photos with contrast, the pictures were not as clear. Use this fact to your advantage when taking the photo. Try to get the background a bit blurry without making it too obvious.

    This is a tactic used for landscape vintage photography. Focus on other aspects of the frame instead of being completely about the subject. Use the blur effect, and Voila! You have your vintage-look photography handled precisely.

  4. Fading Colors

    When talking about vintage-look photography, what’s the image that comes to your mind? The negative rolls and the faded photographs with a slight red tint on them, right? You can also create this effect for your pictures, giving them a modern vintage twist. Reduce the contrast in your camera settings along with saturation and take the image. You can then edit reddish pinkish tint as the shade in your image to score that vintage look.

  5. Monochrome Edits

    Last but not least pointer for vintage look photography is going with the monochromatic look, i.e., Black & White color. This gives the feel of calm and stagnation to the subject, expressing a variety of messages in a single frame. Black and white pictures also disallow any distractions from the viewer’s mind, making them focus on what the image is about.

These are the easy ways through which you can accomplish your task of creating a vintage look in modern times.